Ghiott Firenze

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The history of Ghiott is the story of the Salaorni family. Love and tradition have been part of Ghiott right from the beginning when in 1953 its founder Enzo Salaorni, the young heir of a long line of fine Florentine confectioners, reinterpreted and customised an old Renaissance recipe for cantuccini almond biscuits and created Ghiottini. In just a few years the variety of biscuits baked by Enzo was extended with the addition of more of the most typical recipes from classic Tuscany tradition and today they continue with renewed creativity. The Salaorni family is happy to be the custodian of these ancient recipes and to provide the pleasure of eating healthy, genuine and tasty food, in keeping with the Tuscan tradition of food. Artisan methods and simple ingredients continue to the rule for Ghiott. That’s why Ghiottini are still made according to Enzo’s recipe which makes them unique.