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Loacker is an Italian confectionery company and the world leader in the production of delicious natural wafers. The company's products are popular not only in Italy but also in more than 80 countries of the world. Three main components of the success, which have brought it worldwide recognition, are naturalness, lightness and delicacy of taste. Loacker hasn’t changed their recipes since 1925. At the same time, the plant is constantly developing, using only modern production technologies and equipment. There are only natural, carefully selected ingredients in production and it makes Loacker wafers simply melt in your mouth. Loacker uses only high-quality pure chocolate, freshly roasted hazelnuts from Naples, spicy flavored cocoa, Bourbon vanilla pods and never use dyes, preservatives, artificial additives, hydrogenated fats, GMOs. Loacker offers a wide range of delicious wafers. A wide choice of classic Loacker wafers, sandwich and delicious wafers for family or a large company. Thanks to the air wafer base and the high content of the cream filling (74%), they simply melt in the mouth. Real masterpieces for real gourmets!!!