Warehousing Services

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The United Foods company provides secure storage and warehousing services for various groups of goods such as food, perfumery, non-food goods, furniture, office equipment, and other groups of goods, except for hazardous, toxic, and flammable.


Storage at the warehouse is possible from one pallet place and for a minimum of 24 hours.


An individual approach to each client is guaranteed.


The warehouse is class A and has an area of 1000 m2. There is a storage chamber with a temperature regime of +17C to +19C for 100 pallet places.


The entire warehouse is heated. When the temperature outside in winter is -15C, the temperature in the warehouse is not lower than +10C.


Benefits of storage and warehousing:

- Individual approach to every client;

- Saving your time;

- Warehouse work efficiency;

- Guaranteed storage security;

- The Warehouse is under 24-hour security with video surveillance and a fire alarm;

- Professionally guarded territory of the warehouse without the possibility of penetration.


Warehousing services:

- Short-term storage, as less as 24 hours;

- Storage of small volumes, the minimum volume is one pallet place;

- Long-term storage from a month with the possibility of extending the storage by the parties' agreement;

-Individual acceptance for storage, upon request, can be done manually or mechanized unloading.


Additional services:

- Palletization of goods;

- Special packaging of goods;

- Packaging with stretch film;

- Shrink film packaging;

- Packing with air-bubble film;

- Packing in craft paper;

- Stickering and putting labels;

- Repackaging of goods "in bulk" in a single individual packaged.


  tel.: +38 (095) 281-14-38