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Teekanne has been developing tea business all over the world since 1882. The company has created a wide range of teas. There are classic black and new special teas in Teekane’s assortment now. Today Teekanne is one of the leading companies in tea production. They keep on working on new variants of tea but only from natural ingredients carefully selected all over the world. Experts are constantly searching for best ingredients so that you can always enjoy the best natural teas with excellent taste. Teekanne’s invention such as two-chamber bags became widespread all over the world and changed the process of tea drinking forever. Each tea bag is packaging in a three-layered foil envelope, following in patented tightly sealed boxes that help preserve a flavor for a long time. There are many kinds in Teekanne’s assortment based on elite black and green teas. Among them you will find a unique herbal teas, fruit mixes and exclusive flavored drinks.