SpigadoroSpigadoro as a producer carefully controls every production phase, trying to achieve the genuine taste of pasta. There are only high-quality durum wheat flour coarse grinding (di grano duro) and fresh eggs (33%) in composition. Pasta dries in native conditions for more than 70 hours. That’s why it is possible to get a truly unique and original product that can be stored for a long time and keep the taste and properties of homemade pasta. The dough is passes through a bronze die to obtain a "porous" "rough" structure, which allows the sauce to pervade the pasta better and reveal its taste. Classic pasta goes well with any sauces for your choice and taste. Finished products packs by hands in a cardboard box covered with a transparent shrink wrap, which allows to see the paste clearly. Egg pasta Sfoglia di Casa is a healthy product, rich in fiber and the right carbohydrates, which is so necessary for health and longevity. Taste it!