LoackerIn 1925 Alfons Loacker bought the pastry shop in Bolzano where he had learnt his trade. His pastry making and the raw materials he personally chose won people's hearts. Since then, our love of good things and a job done well, coupled with a certain tenaciousness, has been behind our every decision.

Alfons's three grandchildren – Christine Loacker-Zuenelli's son Ulrich, and Armin's sons Andreas and Martin – joined the company in the 1990s. Like his mother, Ulrich worked in administration and, over the years, guided Loacker to world leadership in the wafer market. Andreas has never stopped his research into top-quality raw materials, with a focus on sustainability. Martin, who is passionate about pastry making, develops products without ever losing sight of his grandfather Alphonse's original recipes.

What are the plans of those who have "good things, made to perfection" in their DNA? To keep bringing joy to those who love Loacker specialities, while safeguarding the precious resources of the planet for the generations to come.