MoniniEpicurious is a digital brand for consumers interested in food and cooking-related topics. Since 1995, Epicurious has been the ultimate food resource for the home cook, with daily kitchen. In a taste test of Epicurious "The Best Olive Oil for Cooking, Finishing, Baking, and More", that involved more than 100 high quality extra virgin olive oils in distribution in the US, Monini was awarded with prestigious results.

Monini Gran Fruttato Extra Virgin Olive Oil was chosen as the ABSOLUTE WINNER for its flavor and consistency among all 100 samples tasted. Food Editors Chris Morocco and Carla Lalli Music admitted Gran Fruttato in the context “to only keeping this bottle in your kitchen for cooking, baking, finishing and dressing salads”. Additionally, Senior Food Editor Maggie Hoffman described this oil as “grassy with sage-like undernotes. Balanced with a lingering peppery bite”. It also tastes, unmistakably, of olives (which, funny enough, you can’t say for every brand). There was noted one thing that may contribute to this bottle retaining its freshness and vibrancy is that the manufacturer has installed a “pop-up pourer” underneath the cap, which limits the amount of oxygen that can get in. Gran Fruttato was also the winner in the $11 to $20 price range (per 500 ml.) Monini DOP Umbria was chosen as the BEST EVOO in the $21 to $30 price range (for 500 ml.), for its “distinct savoriness – almost like rosemary” as noted by Food Editor Emily Johnson.

In conclusion, it is worth noting, that the philosophy of the Monini family has always been to create flawless olive oils of the highest quality. It is this philosophy, that allows Monini olive oils to be appreciated in various international competitions and tasting reviews.