We pay your attention to the appearance on the market of counterfeit (fake) olive oil TM Monini in tin, volume of 1 liter and 5 liter. You can find these products on open markets and small retail stores all over Ukraine. The trademark Monini, as well as the producer Monini S.p.A., stated on the packaging, has no relation to this product and does not provide any responsibility for its quality. The “protective” hologram Monini - Best Quality, printed on the packaging, is also fake and does not сonfirm the authenticity of this product.

The exclusive distributor of TM Monini in Ukraine, United Import company, have contacted the Ukrmetrteststandard Scientific Research Center for Product Research for the examination of this oil. According to their researches, this oil in its composition of fatty acids and physic-chemical parameters does not conform to the indicators, established for olive oil. There are refined sunflower oil and a mix of other vegetable oils of doubtful quality. Using this oil you endanger your health, the health of your children and so on.

Offering a product under TM Monini, producers of fake mislead you. When you purchasing it,  you mistakenly believe, that you are buying high-quality extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). But in fact, you just pay for low-quality sunflower oil, at that significantly overpaying for it, compared with the market price for sunflower and other vegetable oils.

We urge you to abstain from purchasing of such products!


We also want to note that the Ukrainian market is oversaturated with smuggled (contraband) products of TM Monini. For reference: contraband products - products, produced by Monini for the Italian and other European markets and illegally imported to Ukraine . You can also find such products in markets, small retail stores, particularly in stores of “Italian products”, in Internet stores, as well as in some markets that are not shy to sell such products.These products cross the Ukrainian border illegally. Accordingly, there are any documents and necessary quality certificates for it. Most often, the back label of such oil contains information in Italian / Polish.


TM Monini, as producer, and the exclusive distributor, United Import company, cannot guarantee the origin of this product. Storage and transportation conditions are also unknown. These are very important indicators for olive oil, affecting the quality of the product. Please be careful when buying olive oil and pay your attention to the information on the label. It should be stated in Ukrainian. Only in this case you can be sure of the authenticity and quality of TM Monini olive oil.


All the assortment of TM Monini, officially imported to Ukraine, is available on the United Import website.

You can acquaint with it by clicking on the link: https://www.unitedfoods.ua/Monini/

Any new oil, that appears on the Ukrainian market is immediately posted there. Please be careful when buying olive oil! Choosing an official product, you can really enjoy the amazing taste of olive oil, without risk to your health.