Let us pay your attention to the appearance on the market of counterfeit (fake) olive oil TM Monini in a tin, the volume of 1 liter, and 5 liters. You can find these products in open markets and small retail stores all over Ukraine.

The exclusive distributor of TM Monini in Ukraine, United Import company, have contacted the Ukrmetrteststandard Scientific Research Center for Product Research in order to examine this oil. According to their researches, this oil in its composition of fatty acids and physic-chemical parameters, which do not conform to the indicators, established for olive oil. There were determined refined sunflower oil and a mix of other vegetable oils with doubtful quality. Buying this oil you are getting sunflower oil of dubious quality for an artificially high price. Using this oil you endanger your health, the health of your children because no one can know what in the package.