SaclaSacla has been producing sauces, dressings for salad and pizza, as well as preserving vegetables since 1939.

Now assortment of the company has a huge amount of products with high quality but Sacla looks for new tastes every day.

Now every Ukrainian consumer has an opportunity to enjoy 2 new products from the Sacla - canned artichokes in and Hummus.

Artichokes are very healthy and are widely used in cuisines around the world. Canned artichokes are characterized by a rather low-calorie index and, at the same time, have a rich vitamin and mineral composition. Sacla artichokes are very tasty and what is most important: it is a healthy addition to be added to daily nutrition. It will add a special piquancy and originality to a simple dish, be it a salad or a soup.

Sacla hummus is a puree of chickpeas, sesame seeds, and spices. Hummus is extremely rich in protein, fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. For vegans, it is a wonderful substitution for animal protein. You can use it as an independent dish, as a sauce, or dressing for other dishes.