United FoodsFor more than 20 years United Foods is a market leader in the import and distribution of high-quality food products from around the world in Ukraine. Due to the high quality, our products have found many of their admirers among the Ukrainian consumers during this period.

Transportation of products to Ukraine is carried out by cars with a climate system, and store in the warehouse in ideal conditions, in accordance with the requirements, standards and recommendations of the manufacturer.

We are responsible for the quality of our products, so we carefully monitor storage conditions: temperature, humidity, and other indicators. Our warehouses are equipped with all necessary professional warehouse equipment. There is also a special chamber with a climate system for products, which needs special store conditions, in our warehouse.

We deliver products to the shops under the strict supervision of our employees in cars with climate system.

Our warehouse is an ideal place for storing food and a comfortable place for our employees as well.

Tacking care for the product, customer and employees are the main principles of United Foods company!

More information: https://www.unitedfoods.ua/eng/gallery_194/