Superior in beans

Superior in beans

Caffe Tomasso Aroma Grande Superior is an exquisite blend of carefully selected Arabica coffee beans roasted in a traditional Portuguese way. The use of 100% Arabica beans allows our coffee to obtain a pure and sophisticated profile. Original recipes and a family tradition of paying special attention to every aspect of the coffee roasting process makes the blend genuinely special. Enjoy the rich taste of Caffe Tomasso as part of your authentic coffee experience from around the world!

Superior blend offers you a deep, inviting flavor and a persistent aroma. 

Look: Chocolate-Brown color.
Aroma: Notes of Caramel and Chocolate
Taste: Soft, velvety and pleasant coffee. Persistent and prolonged aftertaste. 

Perfect for espresso machines to make your favorite coffee drinks! But also, suitable for other coffee preparation methods including French press, drip coffee, or a moka pot. 
You can experiment with your own coffee preparation methods and drink varieties. 

Or try the Portuguese pingado at home... 

Preparation of um café pingado : 
Start off by making a strong rich espresso. Carefully half fill into an espresso cup, notice the golden-colored crema on the surface and inviting aromas. Add a few drops of whole milk and serve. Typically served with a sugar packet and sometimes with a small biscuit. Enjoy!

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